Tara Gum – a natural thickening agent

Tara gum is a natural thickener for a wide range of food applications. It is an ideal alternative to locust bean gum and guar gum, and has a synergistic relationship with other hydrocolloids providing more cost effective stability.

Tara gum is a flour produced by milling the seeds of the small leguminous tree cesalpinia spinosa.

Tara gum is produced in Peru, and our partners Silvateam Extracts operate the only facilities in the world that can produce Certified Organic Tara Gum thickening agents. As well as being the biggest producer in the world, we can provide full traceability from owned plantations and BRC facilities in Peru. Our Tara is reassuringly not subject to shortages due to climatic conditions or speculation.

Tara gum thickening agents have uses in a wide range of food applications from dairy products to frozen desserts, baked food, sauces and dressings. For more information on thickening agent applications and tailored tara gum solutions, please contact us.